TRACTOR, a T-track location program

Jarmo Niemi jarnie at utu.fi
Wed Sep 7 07:01:08 EST 1994

The QuickBasic program TRACTOR is used to locate clones in a
known sequence using only one sequencing reaction, a method
generally known as "T-tracking". The program can reduce workload
at the end stage of a sequencing project using the random
subcloning strategy.

A paper discussing the program will be published in Computer 
Applications in the Biosciences vol. 10, number 5. Interested 
parties are requested to take a look at my WWW page 


or contact me at jarnie at utu.fi.

The program is available by anonymous FTP at ftp.funet.fi
as /pub/sci/molbio/msdos/tractor6.zip. 

Incidentally, the Acknowledgements section of the paper thanks
among others, Dr. V. Jongeneel, Dr. S. Nedospasov, Dr. R. Harper _and_

Jarmo Niemi,Biochemistry,U.of Turku,jarnie at utu.fi,http://www.utu.fi/~jarnie/
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