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> Hi folks,
> Is there somewhere in the net a newsreader for Macintosh available. I would be
> interested to get one preferred pd or shareware. Is there a site where I could
> find this program?
> Thanxx for the info,
>                        Peter
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Try Newswatcher, you'll like it. The following is from the Readme:

NewsWatcher is free. It may not be sold for profit or included with
software which is sold for profit, but otherwise you should feel free to
use it and redistribute it. 

The anonymous FTP site for the program, the user document, and the
CodeWarrior C source code is:


The helper programs used by NewsWatcher are available via anonymous FTP at:


NewsWatcher requires a Macintosh running System 7.0 or later with 2.5
megabytes or more of memory and a hard drive. The Mac must be connected to
the Internet, and MacTCP must be properly installed and configured.

NewsWatcher is distributed as a ³fat binary². This means that it runs in
native 68K mode on Motorola 68K Macintoshes, and it runs in native PowerPC
mode on Power Macintoshes.


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