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Matti Haveri mhaveri at cc.oulu.fi
Wed Sep 7 08:50:33 EST 1994

NewsWatcher is free. It may not be sold for profit or included with
software which is sold for profit, but otherwise you should feel free to
use it and redistribute it. 

The anonymous FTP site for the program, the user document, and the Think C
source code is:


NewsWatcher requires a Macintosh running System 7.0 or later with 2.5
megabytes or more of memory and a hard drive. The Mac must be connected to
the Internet, and MacTCP must be properly installed and configured. 

For dialup use, NewsWatcher works with the various SLIP and PPP programs,
and with ARA together with an appropriately configured AppleTalk/IP
gateway. It is strictly an online newsreader, and it does not support any
other kind of dialup connection. The program requires an active full
TCP/IP connection to the Internet. It does not support offline
newsreading, and it does not support older kinds of dialup connections
designed primarily for simple terminal emulation. We have no plans to add
these features soon, if at all. If you need an offline newsreader or a
newsreader which works with older kinds of dialup connections, you must
use some other program.

NewsWatcher was written by John Norstad of Northwestern University:

   mailto:j-norstad at nwu.edu

-Matti Haveri <mhaveri at cc.oulu.fi>

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