Announcing MDPP V94.100: available from DECUS

smithp01 at mcrcr6.med.nyu.edu smithp01 at mcrcr6.med.nyu.edu
Wed Sep 7 07:12:03 EST 1994

This will serve to announce that the newest version of the Micrograph Data 
Processing Program (MDPP) has been submitted to the DEC Users Society Library 
(DECUS).  People interested can request distribution tapes from DECUS.  There 
are now two separate distributions: one for Open VMS (VAX and Alpha) and one 
for UNIX (Ultrix and OSF/1).

MDPP is an image processing package targetted principally towards problems in 
electron microscopy, but it contains a great many other tools as well. 

An overview of the package can be obtained by FTPing a brief description from 
the host 'mcclb0.med.nyu.edu' in the MDPP sub-directory.

|Ross Smith,  Research Computing Resource, Department of Cell Biology, NYU-MC|

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