Secondary structure prediction software

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Fri Sep 2 18:18:39 EST 1994

In <340clb$bnc at newshost.lanl.gov>, pxc at mendel.lanl.gov (Paolo Catasti) writes:
>       i'm looking for some simple algorithm for secondary structure
>prediction of proteins.
>Any simple algorithm based on the Robson-Garnier and/or Chou/
>Fasman would be suitable.
>I'm too lazy to type them down although i know where to get
>them in literature.
>Any more recent and fancier algorithm would be also appreciated.
>Crossing my fingers and waiting for help, thanks.
>Paolo Catasti

The current champion is the 'PhD' program at Heidelberg. It is accessed via an e-mail
server. Send a message to: PredictProtein at EMBL-Heidelberg.de   using as the subject 
(or text)  the single word  HELP.  It does a prediction based on aligned sequences of
all proteins (if any) in the same family as yours.

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