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Fri Sep 2 15:24:16 EST 1994

Leonard N. Bloksberg (bloksber at pilot.msu.edu) wrote:
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: I would like some help getting set up to use MOSAIC and ENTREZ please.
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Congratulations !
But some questions regarding your present setup ...
: My boss has recently asked me to set up the lab to use MOSAIC and ENTREZ.  We
: are running a 386DX25 and a 486SX25 (both Zenith boxes) on ethernet.  We also
What operating system are you running on those boxes - Unix, Linux,  or 
(uh :-( ) DOS/Windoze ?

We are running Mosaic on Linux and, if absolutely necessary, on Windows
(anything from 3.1 to 3.11/WfW), but on 486DX/33 boxes. 

The following applies to windows (no problems with Linux so far :-) )
Even using a 486DX, things can become real painful if you are stuck with
only 4 MB ram ( Mosaic loads, but sometimes gets confused, or crashes when
starting an external viewer ... ). 8 MB seem sufficient...

Seems your hardware is rather on the minimum side, but try it !
: have a MAC IIci in the lab which is not hooked up to ethernet, but maybe 
: could be if necessary.  Is this hardware sufficient for minimal or normal
: opperation of these systems?  What hardware will I need to set us up, and
: what software will I need to access these systems?  Any help, or offer to 

Our experience is with TCP/IP networking alone, using the public domain
packet driver suite and the 'winpkt' stub to make the packet drivers
accessible from windows. ( for WfW, you need a ODI driver instead of
the PD packet driver )
Mosaic (current release 2.0a6) is a 32bit application, so you need the
win32s extension package to get it running.
For a TCP/IP application, you need a windows-emulation of unix socket 
communication to access the network. We are running the trumpet
winsock package for this.

And finally, WinMosaic (or FTP, telnet, ..) on top of this !

All stuff should be available on your favourite anonymous ftp server, in
case of emergency use  'archie' to locate the stuff. The usual archiving tool
is pkzip ... Look for 'wmos20a6.zip', 'win32s.zip' and the like !

: answer questions as I try to get us online, will be appreciated.  My boss 
: has mentioned that there may be an oportunity to get a new box in the near
: future to accomodate increased computing needs in the lab, and would like
: me to keep that in mind as I get us set up.  While very nice, I am not sure
: it is necessary.  Thanks in advance for any help.
I am rather sure you are not going to like the speed of mosaic on a 25Mhz PC!
And a bigger box might as well run a www server ...

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: Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
: bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
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Just ask again if there are problems,

	Michael Schmitz
	Biophysics Dept., Uni Duesseldorf
	URL: http://www.biophys.uni-duessedorf.de/

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