PPC native PAUP & MacClade -- when?

David Maddison dmaddsn at ccit.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 1 17:15:12 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug31.094238.16048 at cc.ic.ac.uk>, s.fraser at ic.ac.uk (Simon
Fraser) wrote:

> The ability to run PAUP at a reasonable speed is a high priority,
> and I realise that software which requires an FPU will not run
> under emulation on a PowerMac. So, is there a native version of
> PAUP available, and if not, is one in the works? Similarly with
> MacClade, though this won't be used as much.

PAUP: Swofford has in development of PowerPC version of PAUP.  My 
understanding is that when the next version (3.5) is published
by Sinauer Associates, a PowerMac version will be among the choices.
I'd hate to predict when this will be - I hope before the end of the year,
but these things are devilishly hard to predict. (Remember Hofstadter's
Law: "It always takes longer than you expect, even if you take
Hofstadter's Law into account.")  Rumor has it that it is 3x faster
on the PowerMac than on a Quadra 950.

MacClade: We are working on a PowerMac version.  I can't predict yet
when it will be available.  It's going to take more work to move
MacClade over than PAUP as MacClade is written in Pascal (and there do
not exist as good development tools for Pascal on the PowerMacs as for
C), and has some assembly (which we are now translating to C).  So
it will happen, but we are not sure when.

Hope this helps.

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