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Mon Oct 31 02:10:02 EST 1994

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I have used Axum, Sigmaplot, Graphtool, PlotIt as well as Lotus Add-Ins, a
bit of Mac stuff, and even AutoCad in attempts to get what I wanted out of
a graphics program. I even wrote a suite of graphics software at one
stage, because the market was/is so poorly served. Prism from GraphPad
Software here in San Diego (see Harvey Motulsky) is probably the most
practical graphing software for bench scientists that I have come across
so far. In conjunction with Lotus/Excel for Windows and with CorelDRAW for
image working, I can pretty well do anything I want to in 2D. It is
Windows-based, still at version 1.x and no Mac version, but has already
become a kind of standard in my department (Physiology).

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