TRANSFAC database

Edgar Wingender ewi at venus.gbf-braunschweig.d400.de
Mon Oct 31 04:59:11 EST 1994

We gladly announce that the TRANSFAC database version 2.1 about gene
regulatory sites and transcription factors is now available by anonymous

The complete data are available as ascii flat files, and the sequence
elements are listed in a format that is suitable for usage with GCG. The
anonymous ftp site where you can pick up these files is:
ftp.gbf-braunschweig.de (IP, 
where you can find in the directory

/pub/transfac/ascii/    the file transfac.tar.Z, which is a tarred version of
                        the ascii flat files, binary index files, and a
/pub/transfac/gcg/      transfac.gcg.tar.Z containing a sequence elements
                        list for GCG,
/pub/transfac/tiny/     tiny09.EXE, a self-extractable small retrieval
                        program running under Windows which also
                        contains the ASCII flat files and the index files.

You can download this database also from the official EBI ftp site
(ftp.ebi.ac.uk) under /pub/databases/transfac/. This directory contains the
documentation file transfac.doc, the ascii flat files xxx.dat, a unix
compressed/tarred version transfac.tar.Z, a DOS compatible zipped
version transfac.zip and a macintosh binhexed, self extracting archive
transfac.sea.hqx. Don't forget to specify 'type ascii' for the xxx.doc,
xxx.dat and xxx.hqx files, and 'type binary' for the files transfac.tar.Z
and transfac.zip. These files CANNOT be obtained from the Email server
due to their large volume. The database will be available on the next
release of the EBI databases on CD-ROM.

During the next few weeks, we'll  make available at the GBF ftp site
more comprehensive TRANSFAC retrieval programs, TRP, which will
run under MS-DOS, VMS or Windows.

E. Wingender (1988) Nucleic Acids Res. 16, 1879-1902
E. Wingender (1994) J. Biotechnol. 35, 273-280
R. Kn"uppel et al. (1994) J. Comput. Biol. 1, in press


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