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In article <38v1ip$dcq at falcon.ccs.uwo.ca>, apeters at julian.uwo.ca (a.a.
peters) wrote:

> So....RASMOL is a great looking program.
>         But, are there molec. files to use with them that are available 
> to the public at large.... ie.  Could someone mention a site?
>         I poked around Brookhaven P.D.B. but couldn't find the 
> appropriate files.

I second your sentiments about RasMol being a great looking program; I've
just gotten v2.5 for the Mac and it runs great!!

As to what files to use...hmmmm...PDB files I've recently downloaded via
TurboGopher (eg. 2BPF.full for DNA polymerase ß) work fine on my system.
Could it be that the files listed as x.full need to be stripped of
headers, biblio and the like for them to run on your platform?



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