How to use NIH Image (version 1.55) for RAPDs images analysis

Benoit Van Coppenolle Vancoppenolle at bota.ucl.ac.be
Fri Oct 28 10:42:55 EST 1994

Hi netters,
I am brand new in here. Maybe the question I have has already been answered
many times but I have vital needs for answers. I posted this message to
RAPD as well.

I have been collecting molecular data from the analysis of a germplasm
collection (more than 300 individuals) of an aquatic fern, by PCR
amplification with Random primers. The diversity I obtained is quite large
and the number of bands on gel electrophoresis is tremendous. Now, I am
trying to use a computer software for the analysis of all these data, for
classification purposes. I would like to transform the banding data into
scores of presence or absence of bands (0 and 1 codes) for each gel lane.
Someone told me about NIH Image (version 1.55) but also said that it would
require substantial manipulations (like pointing the bands to score),
therefore being quite slow.

Is there anybody who used or is using NIH Image for the same purpose, and
add problems or not at all? Any tip for an adequate and fast way to use it
for my purpose? Are there alternative software available (Mac) for a
reasonable amount of money?

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