medical school advisor/advisee match-up?

Karl Johnson KJohnson at Haverford.edu
Fri Oct 28 14:40:26 EST 1994

Greetings netters!  Here's one for you all to think about.  

We are a small college with 30-40 biology majors all of whom participate in
faculty-supervised research.  We have traditionally run a lottery to let
students pick into labs of their choice but would like to switch to a
system that allows both faculty and student input.  Our model is a system
like that which we believe is used in med schools to let advisors rate
students as to whom they would like to have working in their lab and
students rate advisors as to whom they would like to work with.  Ideally
the whole thing is entered into a program that does match-ups that minimize
scores so everyone gets some version of the best-fit.

Does anyone know of such a program (I know it might not be hard to write,
but my programming is really outdated).  Thanks for all replies.  If I get
any good solution(s) I will post a summary.

Karl A. Johnson
Department of Biology
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Ave.
Haverford  PA  19041
kjohnson at haverford.edu

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