Chemistry Drawing Software

Mike Wang hcmwang at netcom.com
Fri Oct 28 07:16:12 EST 1994

Here is a new program.  Compared with other programs, it is much smarter and
has a lot of unique features.  The introductory price is 1/3 of others'.

Chemistry 4D-Draw (tm) is an advanced drawing program with an intelligent
module, NamExpert, that understands IUPAC organic nomenclature rules.
The program interprets chemical names and automatically creates high quality 
structures in three styles: shorthand, Kekule, and semistructural 
formula.  It provides intelligent drawing tools for creating 
publication-quality graphics.  Features include interactive 3D rotation, 
syntax checking, hot-key labeling, multi-step UNDO, and creating 
structure templates with user-defined trivial names.  It exports pictures 
to word processing programs and supports copy-back for editing.

Systems: Macintosh and Windows
Introductory Price: $199, educational $169, student $89
From: ChemInnovation Software
      8190E Mira Mesa Bl., #428
      San Diego, California 92126,  USA
      (619)566-2846, Fax (619)566-4138

Hope this helps.

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