staden and nrl3d - won't work

J. Mau jmau at cansnd.cisti.nrc.ca
Fri Oct 28 10:18:33 EST 1994


I have been trying to install and configure the Staden (1994.0.0) package 
on an
SGI Challenge XL.  For some reason, I can create indices and have them work 
for genbank and pir, but not for nrl3d.  Presumably I am not making a 
mistake in setting up the tables or I would not have anything working.
This is puzzling, for my understanding is the data in nrl3d is in the 
same format as pir.

Note that I am not a biologist so do not understand the data that well.
(Just in case there might be something completely obvious to a biologist,
that would escape me.)

Any suggestions as to what I may be doing incorrectly?

Thanks for any assistance.


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