Seeking pointers to Macromodel

Mark Israel misrael at scripps.edu
Thu Oct 27 19:10:23 EST 1994

In article <38msid$39f at agate.berkeley.edu>, parsons at nefeli.eecs.berkeley.edu (David C. Parsons) writes:

> I have been told many good things about a molecular modelling package
> called Macromodel.  Does anyone have contact information for the
> developers or distributors of this software?

   This is one of the 55 molecular graphics packages in Didier 
Vanderveken's list.  To get the list by ftp:

  ftp infomeister.osc.edu
  Name: anonymous
  Password: Your_True_E-mail_Address
  ftp> cd pub/chemistry/documents
  ftp> get molecular_graphics_packages
  ftp> quit

(To those without ftp access, I'm willing to e-mail the file.)

Anyway, here's the entry for MacroModel:

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