DNA motifs (does a searchable database exist)

Matthew Cockerill m_cockerill at icrf.icnet.uk
Thu Oct 27 15:44:07 EST 1994

I'm wondering whether there is any analogue of PROSITE which catalogs DNA
motifs (e.g. transcription factor binding sites, promoter consensus 
sequences, 3'UTR mRNA masking signals, things like that, which occur in
non coding regions of DNA).

Seem it would be very useful.
Consensus sequences for thousands of these type of motifs are present in
the literature. Has anyone assembled them in searchable form?

Ideally, it 'd be good to be able to search a novel sequence against this
database, and get a list of significant motifs which are found.

The best improvised way we found so far was to search Medline with the
consensus DNA sequence of a repeating motif we found :-) . This came up
with several papers in which people mentioned the motif in their abstract.
Not a good solution though....


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