Frame-Grabber cards for PowerMac using NIH Image?

Kent Reuber reuber at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu
Thu Oct 27 12:01:22 EST 1994

In article <jbuberel-2410942228190001 at holzwarth3.life.uiuc.edu>,
jbuberel at uiuc.edu (Jason L. Buberel) wrote:

> Has anyone out there tried the above scheme?  We have a power mac 7100
> here in lab with plenty of disk-space and memory to boot, and were
> considering installing a frame grabber card.  Now, the NIH Image manual
> does reccomend two manufacturers of frame grabber cards for regular (68K)
> macs, but makes no mention of the power macs.  Now that there is a native
> power mac version of Image out there, has anyone had some experiences with
> frame grabber boards that they'd like to share?

As a followup, we need to put one in a PowerMac 6100, which doesn't have a
full sized NuBus slot. Scion claims that they'll have a sub-sized LG-3
card out "real soon now". Are there any other smaller cards that could be
used (for example, using a plug-in module)?
Kent Reuber
Computational Specialist
Brandeis University Biology Dept.
reuber at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu

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