What's a Disk Image?

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Thu Oct 27 04:41:25 EST 1994

In article <38iiiv$knu at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, ptaylor at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk (Dr. P.L.
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> >Some archived material on yon Internet appears as what is known as a Disk
> >Image.  What is that and how do you use it?
> In the Macintosh world at least, t's a file which contains a compressed copy
> of the contents of a floppy disk.  In order to extract the data, and re-create
> the disk you need Apple's Disk Copy 4.2 program.  If you have a recent
> with built in CD-ROM, you will find a copy of this on your system CD; if not
> you can get it from ftp.apple.com (sorry, I don't rmember the directory).

Or you can mount the image directly (it appears as a pseudo disk on your
desktop) using MountImage or (better option apparently) MungeImage.





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