Quality of Fig.P software?

Francis Burton fburton at nyx10.cs.du.edu
Thu Oct 27 05:30:55 EST 1994

ivastsuk at ps1515.chemie.uni-marburg.de (Ivastsuk Jurij) writes:

>I have an experience with Fig. P from Biosoft, and I should say it is relative good but very chaotic in operating.
>This programm is for Windows developed, but deviate very strong from Windows standarts. As to "ease-of-use" it needs
>time investment.

My experience/opinion only... I was very disappointed with the Windows
version of FigP -- it was slow to draw graphs and seemed to do a lot
of unnecessary redraws. The interface was not up to the standard one
would expect from a Windows program. In fact, I would say the DOS
version had a better interface, even though it was quirky too.

I've tried SigmaPlot for Windows -- it's ok I suppose, quite powerful
though a bit clunky.

My favourite at the moment is Origin from MicroCal. Powerful, solid,
fast, reasonably easy to use, given its power. For me, one advantage 
it has over SigmaPlot is that it handles large datasets (tens of
thousands of points) quite well.

fburton at nyx10.cs.du.edu

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