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Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA
Tue Oct 25 19:12:55 EST 1994

Dennis Churchill (dchurchi at ACS.UCALGARY.CA) wrote:
> We are looking for software for laser printing enlarged 
> titles to put at the top of posters. Net-available or commercially-
> available software is fine.

I do everything with CorelDraw! v4.0 with the mosaic option. It comes out 
quite nicely. CorelDraw! 3.0 or 5.0 also support this feature.

Benoit Hebert

Benoit_Hebert at iaf.uquebec.ca

Virology Research Center
Armand-Frappier Institute, Laval, Quebec

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