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Mon Oct 24 22:24:48 EST 1994

Scott F. Purvis (sfp at po.CWRU.Edu) wrote:

> Help,

> I am searching for a windows compatible plotting progeram that
> is relatively inexpennsive.  I have used both cricket graph and
> sigmaplot and just have to believe there must be something better
> out there.   
> Thanks for your help

> Scott Purvis
> CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio
I have found Sigmaplot for windows version *1.0* to be too unstable to be 
used for serious work.  I do not no if this is the case for the newest 
version that was recently released.  Many people I know swear by the 
version for DOS.

I use Origin, which has a few bugs, but has been the best program that we 
have used for routine work.  If you purchase it, I recommend you also get 
the optional 3D plotting/contour package, which is quite good.
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