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John Rae jrae at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 23 16:06:30 EST 1994

Apolgies in advance if this message is off-topic, but we're not 
sure where we should be placing this.

The Physiotherapy Department at this hospital (Princess Alexandra 
Hospital, Brisbane, Qld, Australia) has a Targa 32+ video 
digitiser card.

They are chasing some video data acquisition software to run with 
it, which will allow digitising of points on the video image and 
saving the data in an ASCII file.  We have seen some information 
on this kind of software from a company called Cimarron Computer 
Engineering Inc, 1416 Caballero Dr, Albuquerque NM 87123.  
However, all attempts to contact them have been futile.

Does anyone know anything about this company, or software?  Or
does anyone know where we can get similar or equivalent software?

Replies by email would be appreciated, as we don't have great
access to newsgroups yet.

John Rae
Manager, Information Systems Section
Princess Alexandra Hospital

John Rae
Brisbane   Qld   Australia

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