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Andrew McLachlan mclachla at tui.lincoln.ac.nz
Sat Oct 22 01:26:28 EST 1994

haebler at asterix.uni-muenster.de (Marcus Haebler) writes:

>Scott F. Purvis (sfp at po.CWRU.Edu) wrote:

>: I am searching for a windows compatible plotting progeram that
>: is relatively inexpennsive.  I have used both cricket graph and
>: sigmaplot and just have to believe there must be something better
>: out there.   

>There is Origin a quite good program, but I don't know the price. The
>latest version is 3.5 as far as I know.
>I do not know what you need but Excel might help you also. It is
>often in a software bundle, if you buy a PC.

I have a demo copy of Origin.  It seems a very capable program.  The version 
is 3.5, the price is $495 (U.S.) - there is a 20% educational discount.
The address is: Microcal Software, Inc.
		One Roundhouse Plaza
		MA 01060
		toll free number (800) 969-7720 (U.S. and Canada)
		tel. (413) 586-2013      fax. (413) 585-0126

Another program is FigP.  I have used version 5 for Dos and liked it very 
much.  I obtained a demo of version 2.1 for Windows, but wasn't very 
impressed.  It just doesn't seem to be a very "polished" program as Windows 
programs go.  The cost of FigP is US $499.  The address for FigP is:
	P.O. Box 10938
	MO 63135
	tel. (314) 524-8029   fax. (314) 524-8129

There are many other addresses for other countries (for Origin) and a UK 
address for FigP.  Email me if you would like them.

Hope this helps.


Andrew McLachlan      internet: MCLACHLA at tui.lincoln.ac.nz

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