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D. Luckett lucketd at agric.nsw.gov.au
Fri Oct 21 00:23:23 EST 1994

A simple problem with, hopefully, a simple solution:
My DOS/Windows PC is connected via a Novell-based LAN
to a SUN machine running UNIX. That machine connects 
via a WAN to another SUN running UNIX which, in turn,
links to the Internet (via AARNet). If I want to install
a WWW browser, at which level should it be located: my 
local PC, the LAN server, the local UNIX box, or the 
mailserver UNIX box? Does it depend on the connection 
'privileges' provided to my account by the UNIX system 
manager (currently I can only FTP to sites outside
the WAN by using facilities on the mailserver UNIX machine)?
Thanks, in advance, for any helpful suggestions.
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