BLAST 1.4 under OSF1 ?

Bill Pearson wrp at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Oct 20 13:26:23 EST 1994

In article <384f32$hg0 at cisun2000.unil.ch>,
Kay Hofmann <khofmann at isrec-sun1.unil.ch> wrote:
>Has anybody managed to compile and run the new version of BLAST (1.4)
>on AXP computers running OSF1?

	I did not have any problems with OSF1 1.3A

The steps were:

(1)	copy all the .Z files and untar.
(2)	cd ncbi/make
(3)	make -f makeall.unx LCL=alf CC=cc RAN=ranlib

(4)	cd ../../gish
(5)	make
and so on successively for the dfa, blast, and blastapp directories.

I have not tested everything but blastp works.

Bill Pearson

wrp at virginia.EDU
Dept. of Biochemistry #440
U. of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22908

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