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|> a professor in our department has asked me to look into the particulars of
|> setting up a mac to run paup/mac and/or macclade. i was wondering (1) if anyo
|> could point me towards a faq on phylogenetics software, and (2) what various
|> users's experiences have been using the commercial and shareware packages
|> on machines with different processors, clock speeds, and ram/hard drive
|> configurations. in regards to my second query, if you'd like to email me
|> directly (to conserve bandwidth), i will tabulate the results and, if there's
|> interest, post it here. thanks.

Rainer Wetzel and Daniel Huson have developed a MAC software
package for phylogenetic analysis, going beyond the
normal tree construction and analysis by employing the "Split Decomposition"
technique developed by A. Dress and H.-J. Bandelt.

  J.\ Dopazo, A.\ Dress, A.\ von Haeseler. {\em  Split Decomposition:
  A New Technique to Analyse Viral Evolution. } PNAS 90, 10320--4 (1993)

  H.--J.\ Bandelt, A.\ Dress.  {\em Split Decomposition: A New and Useful
  Approach to Phylogenetic Analysis of Distance Data.} Mol. Phylogenetics
  and Evolution 1, 242--252 (1992)

Please contact huson at mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de
for details. Binhex format and Latex docu are available.

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