Request for Software Testers; Macintosh Platform

James Gardner j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au
Wed Oct 19 19:24:54 EST 1994

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, in Sydney, Australia, is
developing software which allows molecular biologists to display clearly
similarity between multiple sequences. The primary application of the
software is to generate outline diagrams which are commonly used in
publications when demonstrating similarity between sequences. However,
other facilities are available which can be imposed on basic identity
display, such as sequence hydropathy.

Tentatively called SeqVu, the program is an interactive editor and display
tool. You can use it to add or remove gaps in multiple sequences, and the
screen is automatically redrawn to display the new identities created.
This facility is particularly useful for correcting automatic alignments,
or doing them manually.

The application supports publication quality output and can generate PICT
files for use on slides or for further editing in other applications.

SeqVu is now in its first phase of testing, and we need the assistance of
biologists who work with sequence data to test this initial (and buggy)
version to help us iron out the problems. It runs on Macintosh hardware,
and is distributed as a fat binary. System 7.1 is required. Macintosh Drag
and Drop is supported.

If you are interested in testing SeqVu, please e-mail me with the kind of
machine you use, the system version, your name, and the lab you work in.
I'll add you to our testers mailing list, and shortly thereafter send you
the distribution.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

James Gardner
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
EMAIL: j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au

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