Amino Acid Analysis Software on Mosaic

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at med.umich.edu
Thu Oct 20 09:16:29 EST 1994

pl=Peter Lundberg, bf=Brian Foley

pl> : > http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/aaa.page
pl> : I seem to get the http text commands rather than the interpretation. Am
pl> : I doing something wrong?

bf> 	Most WWW clients look at the filename extension and use it
bf> to determine how to interpret a file.  If it doesn't end in .html .gif
bf> or .jpeg (or a few others) it is assumed to be plain text.

Actually, modern (HTTP 1.0 or later) clients generally believe what
the server tells them about the file type.  The server, however,
frequently maps file names to types based on extension.  

I can't connect to that server right now, but this is a problem that
could most likely be fixed at the server end.

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