How can I search for a motif?

Keith Robison robison at mito.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 19 16:56:51 EST 1994

Castor Menendez (menendez at mibm.ruf.uni-freiburg.de) wrote:
: Dear netters,
:              Does anybody knows how can I perform a database search 
:              for a particular motif ?

:              I would like to evaluate the ocurrence of a particular 
:              string of aminoacids (just 9 and looking something like 
:              ExxYCxxCxDC, where x means any a.a.). 

:              I tried already with one server and I got a message saying 
:              that my sequence was too short for a search. Does anybody knows 
:              which server could handle this search?.

:              All suggestions and details will be welcomed.

You can get BLAST to accept this if you configure the parameters correctly.
The key is to use a different substitution matrix.  There is an
"identity" matrix which penalizes mismatches to the hilt, or you
might try one of the short-distance matrices (such as PAM10 or

I don't offhand know of a server which will accept arbitrary regular
expressions and search them.  The problem is that this type of 
search can be a bear on the host computer.  You might try running such
a search locally using either a commercial package or J.Tisdall's 
DNA Workbench, which is especially good for pattern searches and should
run on just about any computer.

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