Sound analyzers

Bruce Byers bbyers at bio.umass.edu
Wed Oct 19 09:38:19 EST 1994

>Noldus Information Technology bv <noldus at rcl.wau.nl> wrote:
>>The best software package that I know of is called the SIGNAL Sound Analysis

Bruce Waldman wrote:
>Does anyone know how to save any of the oscillograms or time spectra
>generated by this program so that they can be further edited for
>publication/talks with another graphics package?  Right now we are 
>forced to scan the laser output back into a graphics package, which
>seems rather unelegant for such an expensive program.

I think that using a screen-capture program to save the screen as a bitmap 
would be a better (if still not elegant) solution.  I've done this sucessfully 
using SIGNAL and HiJack, but there are numberous shareware screen-capture 
utilities as well.

 >I don't mean to be sarcastic, but does anyone know how to 
get a>straight answer out of the author of this program once you've 
bought>it?> >Bruce Waldman

I've found Kim Beemon to be extremely responsive, direct, and helpful in 
supporting his program.  

Bruce Byers
Dept. Of Biology
U. of Mass.

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