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In article <37k4tt$i5k at triton.unm.edu>, mycol1 at unm.edu (Bryant) writes:
>I would like to hear from anybody using computer software or spectographs 
>to analyze animal vocalizations' acoustical characteristics (pitch, 
>etc.)...  What software is available?  What recording equipment is best 
>for use in the field?  Etc.

The best software package that I know of is called the SIGNAL Sound Analysis
System & Real-Time Spectrogram. It is a DOS package for display, spectrographic
analysis, editing, synthesis and statistical analysis of acoustical and
vibrational signals, anywhere from 0 to 250 KHz. The manufacturer is:

Engineering Design
43 Newton Street
Belmont, MA 02178

Phone: 617-484-3520
Fax  : 617-484-6559
Email: 70700.701 at compuserve.com

You can also contact me for further information.

Good luck!

Lucas Noldus

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