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> r my 7100 PPC Mac, as did the Hypercard reader.  I am considering getting Hyper
> card 2.2 in order to put together some teaching-aides for classes.  I have neve
> r worked with Hypercard or Applescript before - but it looks as simple as GWBas
> ic to learn.  However, no manual for the Applescript came with the software on


I have used HyperCard since it came out in 1988 or so. It is really
easy to program it just by making new cards, put in buttons and text
fields. You don't even have to write any program text at all for many
applications. There is also the programming language HyperTalk built
in, which I have used a little. In summary, it HyperCard is *very* easy
to program. It's more a matter of getting a nice design than clever
programming. At least that is my experience. BTW, there is a special
newsgroup about HyperCard called (comp.sys.mac.hypercard)

That's my 2 oere.

73, Peter

Ps. I bought HyperCard 2.2 to be able to run my old stacks on a newer

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