computer oscilloscopes and sound analyzers

Richard Hill REHill at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 17 08:18:40 EST 1994

Hello.  I am conducting a search for computer oscilloscope programs and/or sound analysis programs for 
the IBM and/or Mac machines.  I have found very few options at this point.  I am aware of the CANARY 
program from Cornell University.  I would be gratedul for any information or leads you may have.  I am 
also searching for the author of a shareware program called WaveWorks.  I am aware of v1.1.  

I am especially interested in programs that can resolve to the msec, and (hopefully) will allow printing of 
the sound image.  I have used a storage oscilloscope for my work, but would like a Windows computer 
version for cut and paste operations, and so I can annotate the images.  Critical is the ability to mark 
choosen points and measure time distances from that point.

Again, any lead or information will be greatly appriciated.  I do not frequent this group.  I have had a 
number of people ask me to post the results on Sci.bio.ecology.

Please contact me at:


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