Which Mac for NIH Image?

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Oct 17 03:06:29 EST 1994

Thomas Miller, Dupont, Wilm, DE (millertj at com.dupont.es.esvx23) wrote:
: In article <dallard-1310941731220001 at gsomac10.gso.uri.edu>, dallard at gsosun1.gso.uri.edu (David Allard) writes:
: >In article <106303186wnr at genesys.demon.co.uk>, Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk wrote:
: >
: >I would suggest any Mac as fast, or faster, than a Mac IIci (25Mhz 68030
: >with math chip (68882) included). I don't think that the currect version
: ....
: >The new Quadra 630 would be a good choice (again, get the one with the
: >built-in math chip, the 33Mhz 68040, not the 68LC040 (the 680LC40 is like
: >the 486SX chips - math dead). This machine would be very nice for Image,
: >the base model has 4MB of RAM, you would probably want to bring this up to
: >8MB. The video is built in on this machine (like all Macs) and would
: >probably suffice for your needs. Monitors up to 19 inches supported, 256
: >colors are standard for 14-16 inch monitors, more if additional VRAM is
: >put on the mother board - Apple's monitors are nice, so are Sony's and
: >those by NEC. 

: Doesn't NIH Image require a separate graphics display card?  I heard that 
: the built in video of Mac models later than the IIci won't work properly.
:   Thanks for any comments.   Regards, Tom.

Noooo!  The only consideration is that if you use a bigger monitor than 14
inch, you may need some VRAM (video memory) to boost that which the Mac
already has.  VRAM SIMMS are only about 20 pounds.  Bear in mind that
NIH-Image only works in 256 colour mode so there is no need to go mad
and make the Mac a 24 bit video machine.

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