Software to detect linkage disequil.?

David Curtis dcurtis at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Oct 14 09:44:07 EST 1994

In article <dmachugh-131094142003 at gen024.gen.tcd.ie> dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie (David MacHugh) writes:
>From: dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie (David MacHugh)
>Subject: Software to detect linkage disequil.?
>Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 14:20:03 GMT


>Is anybody of aware of a program that provides statistical analysis of
>allelic association (linkage or gametic disequilibrium) between multialleic
>genetic markers for population data? A program capable of generating random
>reshuffled bilocus genotypic distributions would be particularly desirable.
>This would create a synthetic distribution to compare the observed data
>with and would allow meaningful statistical assessment of populations with
>small sample sizes (approx. 50 individuals).

There's a program Jurg Ott wrote called ASSOC which I think would do what you 
want, though power is limited when you have multiple alleles and few subjects. 
We wrote a program just for comparing cases with controls as in an association 
study but I think your talking about marker-marker disequilibrium. Let me know 
if you have trouble finding ASSOC and I'll try and dig out more details.

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