Which Mac for NIH Image?

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> > Hi Folks,
> > 
> > I'd like to use NIH image but have only 486 PC's. I therefore need a 
> > Mac. I already capture images to the PC and can output an image in a 
> > format readable by NIH Image. The Mac would be used solely for NIH 
> > Image and will be used relatively infrequently and processing speed 
> > isn't high on priorities. Use would be by one or two people only. So
> > which Mac? What is the minimum configuration that Image requires 
> > without taking O/N to do the simplest of tasks?
> > 
> > many thanks
> > 
> > Duncan 
> > 
> >
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> I would suggest any Mac as fast, or faster, than a Mac IIci (25Mhz 68030
> with math chip (68882) included). I don't think that the currect version
> of NIH Image  has been recompiled for the PowerPC chip so there is little
> point in buying one. Used Macs can be pretty expensive - a used Mac IIci
> or Quadra 610/650 or 700 or 800 or Centris 650 (all good machines for
> Image) might cost nearly as much as a new low end model, even though the
> newer models are generally faster, with better on board video. 

RE: Power PC compilation:

Yes it has, although still in beta it is very close to final release.  The
last beta was just released a couple of days ago, and is pretty much fully
fleshed out - only minor "fixes" to go. 

The power Mac is, in any case so much faster at screen re-draws and image
manipulation outside of IMAGE that I would favour one in preference to an
older computer.


> The new Quadra 630 would be a good choice (again, get the one with the
> built-in math chip, the 33Mhz 68040, not the 68LC040 (the 680LC40 is like
> the 486SX chips - math dead). This machine would be very nice for Image,
> the base model has 4MB of RAM, you would probably want to bring this up to
> 8MB. The video is built in on this machine (like all Macs) and would
> probably suffice for your needs. Monitors up to 19 inches supported, 256
> colors are standard for 14-16 inch monitors, more if additional VRAM is
> put on the mother board - Apple's monitors are nice, so are Sony's and
> those by NEC. 
> There are also several file translation software packages available that
> make it easy to feed PC disks into a Mac and/or have the Mac write to PC
> disks (and format them as well). After a while, of course, you will want
> to get other software as more and more people will be thinking up excuses
> to work on the Mac rather than the PCs ;)
> Good luck, 
> David Allard
> Graduate School of Oceanography
> Universtiy of Rhode Island
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