Curve fitting for Mac?

Peter Lundberg peterl at umdix.umdc.umu.se
Wed Oct 12 10:09:28 EST 1994

Dear Nigel,

* Perhaps you should try MacCurveFit? Available by ftp. Shareware I

* A commercial (inexpensive) program is Regression which works nicely
for fitting anything to anything.

* When you have your equation you just enter it in Cricket Graph III
(double click on the column head and enter the equation). You don't
have to use a Basic program. Then plot the graph on top of your data
points. I suppose you could also use Cricket Graph III for a simple
'visual' fit using the same method, but modifying the parameters in
equation as you desire.

* Spreadsheets like Excel are handy sometimes and can even be used for
regressions (in some laborious way). 

* In DeltaGraph (commercial) you can enter just about any equation for
fitting curves to data by a least-square method I think. (Some people
may like DeltaGraph in spite of it's flashy graphics...)

Well, just my 2 oere.

73, Peter

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