Curve fitting for Mac?

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Oct 12 06:23:13 EST 1994

I am trying to find a curve fitting program for the Mac.  I have CA-Cricket
Graph III which creates nice graphs for publication but is not very
scientifically orientated in the fitting department.  I have had a fiddle
with Biosoft Ultrafit which is nice but does not produce a graph of the 
curve.  What I really need is a program or a combination of programs which
will allow me to use data to generate scatter plots on standard and log
axes with curve fitting for Scatchard, Langmuir etc. fits.  The graphs
really have to have the capability of making CA-Cricket style publication
quality graphs.

Perhaps the solution is a program which fits the curve and generates an 
equation of it.  Then I could use a BASIC compiler to generate dummy points
for the curve.  This data could be superimposed on the CA-Cricket data
and plotted.  The original data would remain unplotted and the net result
would be the appearance of a curve fit.  Tra-la!

Gosh, In my rantings, I have nearly solved the problem.  So what I need is 
an equation generating biologically orientated fitting program.  Ultrafit
doesn't seem to give you an equation.  Am I missing something?

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