WWW setup, again [Re: mosaic]

Reinhard Doelz doelz
Mon Oct 10 10:17:05 EST 1994

The newsgroup is archived at net.bio.net, and in hypertext form 
at http://www.ch.embnet.org/bio-www/info.html - excerpt from the 
announcement (around Aug 20, 1994)
PLEASE NOTE that many USENET sites do not allow automatic creation of new
USENET groups!!! If you do not see bionet.software.www in your newsreader within
another day or two, ask your news system administrator to act on our "newgroup"
message to enable the group at your site. We have already done several tests and are
certain that the group is currently propagating around the network. If he/she can not
find the newsgroup message, have them retrieve the bionet checkgroups message
from the anonymous FTP area on net.bio.net in
pub/BIOSCI/doc/bionet-checkgroups-msg. This file contains the latest list of bionet
USENET newsgroups and can be used to update your bionet distribution. If the
newgroup did not arrive at your site, it may also be necessary for your news
administrator to contact the upstream computer site providing you with your
newsfeed and determine if they acted on the newgroup message. 

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