molbio ftp sites?

Klaus Salger salger at wap18.zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Oct 11 15:54:09 EST 1994

gebowd at willow.uml.edu wrote:
: I'm new to this group so pardon my naivete. Has anyone posted a list of FTP
: sites and that contain various molecular biology analysis software for pc's.
: Specifically, I'm interested in programs that search sequences, restriction
: maps, plasmid drawing....

: 				Thanks in Advanced
: 			     			Dan
Hi Dan,
try "ftp.bio.indiana.edu".
If you have a WWW browser you can also look at 
"http://golgi.harvard.edu/biopages.html", if not feel free to contact me,
I could also send you the "Software for Biology" list by e-mail.

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