RAID for DNA databases???

Bo Servenius Bo.Servenius at wblab.lu.se
Fri Oct 7 11:06:11 EST 1994

Dear Netters!

I am considering to buy a SPARCstorage Array 100 for my Sun
system. I am running gcg backage and the standard databases as EMBL
and Swissprot.
However I foresee that these databases and other db I would like to
install will
fill up my disks within some few month and think that a disk array
would be the final solution to the ratrace inbetween my disks and
the db.

I have no experience of the technic nor the RAID concepts. For
example how will the different RAID levels influence the performance
of db I/O for our applications.

Any comments or tips would be very much appreciated.



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