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Thu Oct 6 13:35:08 EST 1994

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mshelly at troi.cc.rochester.edu (Mark A. Shelly) wrote:

> Simple question:
> I'm looking for options for EIA or ELISA software to assist in analysis of 
> these assays. Should include robust analysis options, along with import and
> export options. 
> We're considering Macintosh, DOS, and Windows solutions. Is anything
> cross-platform compatible?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark Shelly, M.D.
> University of Rochester

We use (and have not had a plague of troubles with) Delta Soft III. 
Contact the manufacturer for more information:

BioMetallics, Inc.
P.O. Box 2251, Princeton, NJ 08543
fax 609-275-9485

I do not if it has cross platform capabilities, but does have
export-ability.  We are running it on an old Mac SE, connected to a
Bio-Tek EL340 Elisa reader.

Good luck.

> mshelly at medicine.rochester.edu
> (716)461-6821

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