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Wed Oct 5 23:08:00 EST 1994

In article <36rkur$nbj at nyx10.cs.du.edu>, rnusbick at nyx10.cs.du.edu (robert nusbickel) writes...
>This discussion about PROMEGA placing there materials on the net has got 
>me thinking. How's about a service which would be sort of like a directory 
>of all the suppliers information, including ordering information, 
>protocols, and descriptions of the materials, and make this available 
>through the net? It certainly would be advantageous to the suppliers to 
>put their information into one location and it would be great for 
>researchers to have only one place to check on reagents, etc. What do you 
>Just looking for some opinions.
>Andy Nusbickel

Invitrogen now offers plasmid sequences via internet. I've also e-mailed to 
Stratagene to obtain similair information. Product databases could be very
useful, especially when technical help via AT&Tnet can be slow and/or difficult
to obtain.

Although, I certainly don't want Biotech reps responding to questions with the
sole intention of selling a product...

Quyen Wickham

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