Remember the data... Re: Can XXXXXX replace YYY package? Or almost??

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Thu Oct 6 05:56:08 EST 1994

Xiaomu Niu (xniu at mace.cc.purdue.edu) wrote:

: 	But here is the question: (sorry for the long introduction)
: Can XXXXXX replace YYY completely or nearly? What about speed? It
: seems we have people here running XXXXXX on a Mac SE with a CD-ROM
: happily. If we understand right, ZZZ covers most of YYY's functions,
: and it's available for free.

Without getting involved in judging user interface and affodability, 
keep in mind that a central installation ought to provide up-to-date 
data in its literal meaning (weekly, for example). You will possibly 
have a hard time to get this into PC/Mac based products. Sure you can 
paint your restriction maps as nice as you want with any software, but 
as soon as external data sets (databases) are involved a centralized, 
up-to-date facility is unaviodable. And, Training is usually cheaper 
as better resources (including the net) will cope. Last, complexity 
and continuity are items which have a high rating in customer's view, 
so be careful in moving to another technology unless you made sure that
people can move their data, results, and procedures easily.  

Reinhard Doelz

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