Software to track wildlife migration?

Ron Larkin r-larkin at uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 5 21:58:25 EST 1994

In article <36siai$1jq at antares.Austin.Lockheed.COM>,
mcinroy at austin.lockheed.com (John W. McInroy) wrote:
> Last month I posted the following item:  
> : I am looking for software that can be used to 
> : track phenomena such as the movement of banded 
> : birds or other wildlife.  I would appreciate 
> : any information available.  

  Having missed the original post, I don't see much direct connection
between "wildlife migration", banding data, and the home range analysis
programs listed in your summary posting.
  Nevertheless, you may be interested in a review article on home range
software that appears in the summer '94 Wildlife Society Bulletin.  It
reviews about a dozen packages that run on PC's.  I can send you a reprint
if you like.

Ron Larkin
Illinois Natural History Survey
r-larkin at uiuc.edu

PS  Is Lockheed applying its technology and muscle to wildlife matters???

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