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Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Oct 5 13:07:01 EST 1994

Stephan Spencer (sspencer at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu) wrote:

: I (and Promega) would like to know who out there would like to see Promega
: on the World Wide Web, and what you would like to see (catalog, technical
: notes, online ordering, tech support, etc...)

That Promega is interested in providing technical support on the WWW is quite
a switch form their usual policies. When I asked Promega why they read
methds-reagnts and do not respond to people having trouble with their products,
the answer I got was "We don't think it's appropriate to help people on the
net. They should call instead". I would definitely like to see technical support,
but I doubt we'll get any more than advertisements on WWW. Thanks, but no thanks.

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