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Sheetz Sheetz
Wed Oct 5 16:31:12 EST 1994

In article <sspencer-260994203725 at f181-207.net.wisc.edu>
sspencer at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu (Stephan Spencer) writes:
>I (and Promega) would like to know who out there would like to see Promega
>on the World Wide Web, and what you would like to see (catalog, technical
>notes, online ordering, tech support, etc...)
>Second question.. would you use their services online? Would you order
>If enough people respond positively, I think Promega execs will be
>convinced to  make themselves available on the Info Superhighway. Right now
>they are sceptical that researchers will want to order online...
It's a great idea to include on-line catalog as well as the tech info.. USB
used to distribute their very informative catalogs on disk (before join with
Amersham). Promega also distributed their beautiful protocols etc in meetings.
Tech support like NEB's will certainly help everyone.
As for ordering, most institutions are restricted by their ordering department.
So far, we have been getting around it by 1) getting a standing PO and 2)
getting a regular PO if your ordering department allow you to order over the
phone by yourself. Once you have a PO issued (regular or standing), you can
fax/phone/mail/e-mail, in most instances. I have been using Sigma's Sigma
Direct for most orders from SIgma, and Genset for Oligos ordering for the last
couple of years. It 's  wonderful to order this way since we can send in orders
anytime of the day/week and keep a copy of our orders. It would be better if
Sigma Direct can be accessed via internet instead by Modem.
Anyhow, as more of us push the ordering department by partially bypassing them
like this, they begin to learn to change and enter the modern world. Recently,
the Duke system gave up their archaic way of requiring a written requisition
handed in person and we can now request a PO by sending in an e-mail to them
and get it the second day.
Good luck with the rest of you and let's push them!
Hanry Yu.

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