Promega on the Internet

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at pplros.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 09:49:52 EST 1994

In article <sspencer-260994203725 at f181-207.net.wisc.edu> Stephan Spencer,
sspencer at rhino.bocklabs.wisc.edu writes:
>I (and Promega) would like to know who out there would like to see
>on the World Wide Web, and what you would like to see (catalog, technical
>notes, online ordering, tech support, etc...)
>Second question.. would you use their services online? Would you order

I agree with everyone else - New product info, technical bulletins
and protocol updates would all be appreciated on www,
and an email address for specific questions (a la NEB)
will surely be a must for all molbiol suppliers in a
few years.  Unsolicited advertising via email would be
intolerable though, and I couldn't order via the Internet
because of the ordering system we operate.  Maybe if more
companies were online, ordering depts might come around....

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