program to obtain 3d coordinates from stereo pictures

Mark Israel misrael at scripps.edu
Sun Oct 2 14:51:51 EST 1994

In article <9410011655.AA08195 at nick.med.usf.edu>, gquinn at NICK.MED.USF.EDU (Gregory Quinn) writes:

> Does anyone know anything about the program that can produce 3d 
> coordinates from stereo pictures of proteins?

Here's some info on it that was recently posted to bionet.xtallography:

| Subject: Re:Extracting Coorodinates from Stereo Diagrams.
| Newsgroups: bionet.xtallography
| From: raman at BIOC01.UTHSCSA.EDU (C.S.RAMAN)
| Organization: BIOSCI International Newsgroups for Molecular Biology
| Date: 16 Aug 1994 06:41:55 -0700
| Message-ID: <9408161342.AA02724 at bioc01.uthscsa.edu>
| [...]
| In addition to what I had told you about its existence in the PDB, here
| is what I recently found.  The program is still called STEREO and has
| been substantially modified (original version 1974 Michael Rossmann) by
| Jin-Bi Dai also at purdue.  The latest version of the program is dated
| 1994 and you can obtain a copy of the source and associated man page
| from the latter author.
| Jin-Bi Dai can be reached via e-mail at:
| b4x at mace.cc.purdue.edu

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