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Richard J. Bookman rb at chroma.med.miami.edu
Sun Oct 2 15:04:14 EST 1994

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> Anybody have email or snailmail addresses for: 
>       MicroCal Software - makers of "Origin" 
>       whoever sells or makes "Kaleidagraph" 
>       the creators/sellers of "Igor Pro" 

> I am looking for something as easy to use and as complete as the 
> Sigmaplot pack age is on the Windows platform - but made for use on a 
> Mac Power PC. 
> Thanks in advance. = Mark J 

It is my understanding that the native version of IGOR Pro
is nearly ready to go out for beta testing. The original
timetable was to have it out by the end of the year.
An October release for beta-testing is consistent with the
original goal.

You can contact the creators (good word choice!) as:
wavemetrics at applelink.apple.com

R. Bookman
University of Miami School of Medicine

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